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IS conflict: Iraq launches ground offensive in Tal Afar
The northern city, one of the last held by IS, has been a target since the fall of Mosul in July.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 10:08:17

Barcelona attack: Spain terror cell had 120 gas canisters
Jihadists planned for six months to fill three vans and carry out deadly attacks, police say.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 10:08:32

Leo Varadkar meets Justin Trudeau during visit to Canada
The Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) begins a three-day visit to Canada.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 09:08:13

British boy among Barcelona attack dead
Julian Cadman, a seven-year-old dual British-Australian national, was one of 13 people killed, it is confirmed.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 09:08:49

Syria war: Rocket 'hits Damascus trade fair'
The event is being held for the first time in five years. with reports speaking of five deaths.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 08:08:55

BBC Pidgin: Meet the team
Meet the team bringing the BBC to tens of millions of Pidgin speakers in West and Central Africa.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 08:08:48

Aryana Sayeed: Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats
Aryana Sayeed, known to fans as Afghanistan's Kim Kardashian, sang to hundreds of delighted fans.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 08:08:05

Philippines drug campaign condemned by senior Catholics
It comes as questions are raised over the killing of a teenager by police during a week of violence.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 07:08:02

Grace Mugabe: South Africa grants immunity despite assault claim
Robert Mugabe's wife is back in Zimbabwe despite allegations of an assault at a Johannesburg hotel.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 06:08:49

Dogan Akhanli: Spain grants Erdogan critic conditional release
The German-Turkish writer must stay in Madrid while Turkey considers requesting his extradition.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 06:08:33

Lost WW2 warship USS Indianapolis found after 72 years
The warship's sinking, weeks before WW2's end, remains the worst US naval loss at sea in history.
Published: Aug 20, 2017 04:08:50

US comedian and activist Dick Gregory dies aged 84
The family of Dick Gregory, who satirised racism with his stand-up, announce his death aged 84.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 22:08:14

Oxford University employee charged with Chicago murder
Oxford University employee Andrew Warren is one of two men charged with killing a 26-year-old hair stylist.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 19:08:35

Boston march against right-wing rally draws thousands
Anti-racism protesters converge on the "Free Speech" rally featuring right-wing speakers.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 19:08:31

Usakos, a community scarred by apartheid
A new exhibition of photographs shows how apartheid changed this small Namibian town.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 17:08:37

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari returns from UK
The Nigerian leader spent three months in the UK seeking treatment for an unspecified illness.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 12:08:14

Trumps to skip Kennedy honours to avoid 'distraction'
The couple will not attend the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid political distraction, officials say.
Published: Aug 19, 2017 08:08:48

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= array("",
$feeds = array();
$feeds _querypath_examples_show_multiplerss($urls10);
$feeds as $date => $item) {
$out .= '<p>' l($item['title'], $item['link']) 
' <br />From: ' $item['url'
' <br />' $item['desc'
' <br />Published: ' date("M d, Y H:m:s"$date) . '</p>';


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