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Modi party to form state governments
India's BJP is set to form governments in Maharashtra and Haryana, after the party won the elections in both states.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 21:10:21

Jokowi sworn in as Indonesia leader
Joko Widodo, the winner of Indonesia's presidential election in July, is sworn in as the leader of the South East Asian nation.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 21:10:38

US drops arms to Kurds battling IS
US military aircraft drop weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish fighters battling IS militants in the key Syrian town of Kobane.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 21:10:40

Japanese industry minister quits
Japanese Trade and Industry Minister Yuko Obuchi submits her resignation amid allegations of the misuse of political funds.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 20:10:20

Germany faces more transport strikes
Pilots at Germany's Lufthansa airline are set to walk out again, just as train drivers end their weekend of strike action.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 19:10:17

Spanish nurse's Ebola test negative
The Spanish nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola outside West Africa has now tested negative for the virus, the government says.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 19:10:20

Barroso appeals to pro-EU Britons
The outgoing European Commission president is to call on pro-European politicians in the UK to make a more positive case for staying in the EU.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 19:10:08

HK protesters deny 'foreign link'
Pro-democracy activists criticise comments by Hong Kong leader CY Leung, who says "external forces" are involved in protests in the territory.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 19:10:32

China's communist leaders to gather
A key meeting of Chinese Communist Party leaders focusing on the rule of law and fighting corruption is due to begin in Beijing.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 18:10:31

Disabled ship tugged away from Canada
A Russian container ship drifting powerless with hundreds of tons of fuel on board is being pulled away from the Canadian coast after fears of an oil spill.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 15:10:45

Russia denies submarine incident
Russia denies that one of its submarines got into trouble off Sweden, after reports of suspicious activity in the Baltic.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 15:10:33

Brad Pitt's Fury closes festival
Brad Pitt says he hopes his new film Fury shows respect to World War Two soldiers, as it brings this year's London Film Festival to a close.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 14:10:14

All nations 'have a stake' in Ebola
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says all nations have a stake in the fight against Ebola, which "respects no borders".
Published: Oct 19, 2014 07:10:01

Body found in US hunt for student
Virginia state police say they have found a body which could be that of Hannah Graham, a British-born student missing since 13 September.
Published: Oct 19, 2014 03:10:30

Anni Dewani murderer dies in prison
Xolile Mngeni, one of two South African men jailed for the 2010 murder of Anni Dewani on her honeymoon, dies in prison.
Published: Oct 18, 2014 12:10:38

Paris 'sex toy' sculpture sabotaged
A US artist's sculpture, inspired by the shape of a sex toy and a Christmas tree, is sabotaged days after it being erected in Paris.
Published: Oct 18, 2014 10:10:30

No US travel ban over Ebola - Obama
Barack Obama rules out imposing a travel ban on Ebola-affected regions of West Africa, and urges Americans not to give in to "hysteria" over the disease.
Published: Oct 18, 2014 08:10:27

New massacre reported in DR Congo
Militants kill at least 20 people, said to be mostly women and children, in the second massacre in two days near the DR Congo town of Beni.
Published: Oct 18, 2014 05:10:31

Mysterious US space plane returns
An unmanned US military plane on a secretive two-year mission in space has returned to Earth in California.
Published: Oct 17, 2014 16:10:42

The Code:

= array("",
$feeds = array();
$feeds _querypath_examples_show_multiplerss($urls10);
$feeds as $date => $item) {
$out .= '<p>' l($item['title'], $item['link']) 
' <br />From: ' $item['url'
' <br />' $item['desc'
' <br />Published: ' date("M d, Y H:m:s"$date) . '</p>';


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